Saturday, March 28, 2009

The O.J. Confesses Award for Neologism #1

This the first O.J. Confesses Award for Neogolism and it goes to Alonso Duralde, contributing film critic for

In his March 20th article There's Nothing Good About 'Knowing' Duralde refers to the recent action/suspense flicks of Nicholas Cage as

"Ludicrous Hambonery"

Not only is this phrase hilarious, but it perfectly sums up the roles Nicholas Cage has taken recently. I will admit that I took some guilty pleasure in Ghostrider and I thought the first 10 minutes of Next were a little clever, but both movies were without any doubt, ludicrous hambonery.

And a quick bit of research reveals that no other site on the internet besides Duralde's review of Knowing contains the exact phrase "ludicrous hambonery." Duralde coined it, and for that he should be proud.

O.J. will remain on the look out for more neogolisms, but for now, Congratulations to Alfonso Durande, the first winner of the O.J. Confesses Award for Neogolism.

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