Friday, March 27, 2009

Comment Boards #1

Iowa City Man Reportedly Beat Up By Gang

Unfortunately this is not the first time I've heard of people being assaulted in Iowa City by drunken hoodlums. Many times these assaults go unreported because the victims are embarrassed, or they simply don't believe their assaulter will ever be caught.

While this is a travesty the main reason I'm posting the link is because of the strangely incongruous comments. Of the 41 comments posted at this time over half concern either a) a forthcoming gun show, b) things you can fit in a scatter shotgun, and/or c) small handguns for personal defense. This gun show was brought up apropos of nothing and makes for a sad little parallel. An article about a violent crime followed by a totally un-ironic discussion of who on the message board is going to a gun show...

One poster even suggests that had the victim only been carrying a small firearm with 19-round magazine he may have avoided assault. O.J. thinks mace/pepper spray may be a slightly more sane and less fatal deterrent. But it's ridiculous that any personal defense should be necessary.

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