Selected Publications

 “Fair Passage” and “Flotsam,” in 2RiverView 
“Travelogues,” in 580Split 
 “Old Habits” in Apocrypha and Abstractions  
 “The Collectors” and “The Strong Man,” in Artifice Magazine 
 “Expected Delays and “Small Comfort in Boaat
 “Exhausting Conversation,” in The Cincinnati Review 
“Permissible Natures,” Diagram 
“Flutters” and “Midnight of the Caramel Eaters” in Ditch 
“Where the Bees Are Going,” and “Rolling Rivers,” in Flyway 
“The Case For Renting,” in The Santa Clara Review 
“Night Hungers,” in Kill Author 
“Clockwork Dog,” in MonkeyBicycle 
“Sidekicks” in Mid-American Review
“To the Heart,” in Nashville Review 
“Another Home Remedy,” in OpiumOnline 
“Glass Boat,” “Untitled,” “Revolution,” and “Facts About Marsupials,” in Pank Online 
“Stampede at the Premium Outlets,” in Pank Print 
“Mirror Day,” “Ride to the Top,” and “The Sweetness” in PaperDarts 
“Brick Harvest,” in The Prose PoemProject 
“Gibbous” in Punchnel’s 
“The Crossing” and “Monuments,” in Knock 
“Methods of Travel,” “Swinging Hickory,” and “Making Acquaintance,” in Slurve 
Lightbringers,” “Our Creations,” and “Holy Relic” in Storyacious
“The Seasons,” in Subtropics and Zine Scene

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