Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Garland of Buttons

Buttons were one of the most common forms of swag available at the AWP bookfair. I chose to garland my AWP lanyard with buttons. By the final day the whole lanyard was covered and some of the buttons, particularly the square ones were starting to chafe against my neck. But it was a very convenient way to collect them, with I think considerably less risk than having them as pin and pointed booby-traps in a pocket. My favorite button was made my Red Hen Press. Curiously, it features a hen, but no a red one. The person manning the Red Hen Press table was so impressed with my garland that he gave me a bonus-button. Pabst Blue Ribbon does not have they're own literary journal, but I know they've provided liquid support to many a writer.

Since some include no text I frankly have no idea what they represent, but they still look cool.

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