Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back from AWP with Bags of Swag

The next posts will include exhaustively cataloged photographs of all the swag I snagged and bagged at AWP, but before those I'd like to make few shout-outs.

First, many thanks to my hosts, t & r, founders of budding literary journal Artifice Magazine. Without their support it's possible that none of this swag would have been collected. Also, they're fun to hang out with. Thanks guys.

Second, I must agree with t & r, Salt Hill Journal easily had the most beautiful literary magazine I saw at the book fair. Salt Hill prepare yourself for wave after wave of my submissions. As you can see, their website is also very nice. However, on the downside, they were not giving any of their hotness away, nor did they seem to be offering any swag.

To follow: Many photos of swag.

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