Sunday, July 19, 2009

Postcard Rescue #3

Postmarked: Yorkton, July 23, 1:30 PM, 1934.

Stamp: Steam removed.


Miss Irene Wilson

Postcard Message:

Dear Irene,
- Well we're on the road
again, this time we're minus
Mother and Constance. We
are combining business
and pleasure in a trip
to Edmonton and Calgary,
perhaps Jasper. Wish
you were here so we could
show you what Manitoba
has to offer in the way of
beautiful scenery, wonderful
roads and camping accommodations.
The road into the park rises 1000 ft.
in 3 miles and is continually
winding and dipping, providing
wonderful views across the
surrounding country. The lake is
nestled in the summit. In four yrs
the woods have been transformed in the most modern
resort - all buildings, cottages, cabins etc. of cedar tongue logs
- wonderful roads - large hotel - modern camp site with
log shelters with stoves and every convenience. Wish you'd
come and see for yourself -- Love to all -- Stuart.

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