Saturday, June 30, 2012

Three Prose Poems in Paper Darts

It's been a busy month on the internet, but not so much on the blog.  Cartographie Curieux has had its first few maps posted, and one of my students even convinced me to sign up for Twitter (under the O.J. Confesses brand).  I don't feel I'm quite leveraging my Twitter account to be the internet sensation I've always known I could be, but it's a good thing I signed up, otherwise I'd probably still have no idea that Paper Darts published 3 of my prose poems on June 7th.

Paper Darts was one of the literary journals that genuinely impressed me at the 2012 AWP Conference in Chicago, and so I'm quite happy that they took my work.  They publish unique and provocative pieces reminiscent of what you might see in PANK, but with an eye toward graphic design.  Check out the graphic-lead for my poems:

Hot, right?  I might get this as a tattoo-- or maybe not, but it's still pretty cool.

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