Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Study in Contrasts

Two quotes from the Boston Globe, June 21, 2009 edition.

From the front page article, continued on A8 under the title, City's sports program flailing:

"When I step on the field, it's the one place where I don't think about all the craziness," said Alex Munoz, a Dorchester High baseball player. For him, the "craziness" is this: a lender threatening to foreclose on his mother's home, a personal dilemma involving his girlfriend, the shooting deaths of several friends, the escalating gang violence in his Roxbury neighborhood.

Compare that to this quote, appearing the same day in the Section V article All-Scholastics Spring 2009:

Spring can be the most challenging season for a high school athlete. How do you stay focused on your game and keep thoughts of the beach, pool parties, and lazy summer days out of your mind? It isn't easy.

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