Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Postcard Rescue #2

P. 19 Sisters of St. Joseph Academy, Prescott, Arizona
Postmarked: Prescott, Ariz. November 22nd, 1939. 5 PM
"Red Cross -ol- Join"

Stamp: Green, George Washington, right facing profile, 1 cent.


Mr. and Mrs. Frank Becicka
R.F.D. No 1.

Postcard Message:

Dear Folks. Here as a------
the southwest h-------
wonderful trip, visited
Los Angeles, San Diego
and old Mexico, in San
Diego we had a boat ride
on the Pacific Ocean and
saw the fleet come in from
practice also our boat picked
up sailor boys off of big
ships where the boys wanted
to spend the weekend in
the city. Your cousin
Lizzie and George Kolda

Will tell you more about it when I see you.

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