Tuesday, April 20, 2010

War of Words

On April 19th the Tea Party Express passed through Boston spreading its message of goodwill and basic rights for all humans.

Just kidding. Here are a selection of slogans on signs (some may have been made by counter-protesters; I'll let you be the judge) and things said by presenters on stage.

On Stage: I don't think George Washington ever used the f-word!

On a sign: I'm white, I'm racist, and I'm proud.

On stage: Then I saw Sarah Palin and it was the most exciting day of my life since I had my child.

On stage: Everybody say it now: There's a communist sitting in the White House!

On stage
: Vote them out!

On stage
: Women, I have three questions for you: do you love god, do you love your family, do you love our country?

On a sign: Socialism, you would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for us meddling kids.

On stage: You won't find policy in my book, but you will find scripture.

On stage: You didn't expect this did you: a rapper with his pants pulled up.

On a sign: Green Coalition of Gay Loggers for Jesus.

On stage
: This is the 2nd revolution!

On a sign: Vote for Lemon Party at lemonparty.com

On a sign: Fidel Castro says he like ObamaCare: Is this the right direct for America?

On the stage, with 10 minutes before the end of the rally: Are you guys ready for a raffle? You want to win some prizes?!?

Meanwhile, it was a beautiful day:

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